Let’s start off by defining what the heck a direct sales kitnapper is, a kitnapper is somebody that signs up for a direct sales company for their personal benefit. Their goal is not to start a new business, they simply want to benefit from the product. So why be a direct sales kitnapper?

Two reasons to be a direct sales kitnapper

  1. You love and use the product!
  2. You love saving money!

Types of DS companies to kitnap

Two reasons to be a direct sales kitnapper.
  • jewelry for accessories for yourself or to complement a clothing business
  • books for personal use or to give as birthday/holiday gifts
  • make-up for yourself or give a hostess presents
  • nail products to for yourself or give a hostess presents

Super secret bonus reason! You might just find your passion to enter into direct sales and make some extra money or establish a new career instead of just being a direct sales kitnapper! What might initially start off as a kitnap can quickly turn into a business opportunity if you are passionate about the product or the service a lot?

Be careful to read the policies and procedures for any direct sales company you join or kitnap from before going too far in the process. For example, I kitnapped Paparazzi Accessories to have some pieces to add to my outfits for LuLaRoe and for perks for my VIP when I was selling LuLaRoe. Paparazzi’s policies and procedures did not allow me to run both a LLR business and a Paparazzi business.

However, my kitnapped Usborne kit does allow me to operate the two businesses but they must remain separate.  I snatched up the Usborne one since I have a small child that loves to read and the entry cost was super low. Most direct sales businesses offer a low-cost entry at some point in the calendar year so always be on the lookout for a product or service you love to make the leap into kitnapping.

Another direct sales company that is prime for kidnapping will give you a bit of a jolt unless you opt for decaf! Java Momma has it set up so that you can easily maintain your status as an Independent Barista, making it great for business or pleasure. If coffee and/or tea is your thing, let’s chat!

Ready to snag something awesome?

Kitnapping is a great way to add to your personal collection of the products and services you love to use. Your favorite DS gal that you buy from and follow regularly is probably more than happy to sign you up, especially this one! Drop me a line if you would like more information on any of the products I use and sell, I would be happy to chat.

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