Does Twitter feel like the cool kids club and you just cannot figure out how to fit in without seeming desperate and awkward? It isn’t just me, right? Okay, good! Well, I think I may have cracked the code with this fab twitter training offered by Joni Kinney. If you are ready to find out the secrets of twitter or at least not feel like a total dweeb on the platform read along!

Twitter Training for Direct Sales / Small Business and Blogging Success


Watch out, y’all, she assigns some homework throughout the Twitter Training fro Direct Sales/Small Business and Blogging Success but it isn’t painful and it really does help. This course provides a great overview of Twitter and gets you to hit the ground running! Mixed in are some sound business practices that can apply not just to your twitter training but to your business overall. Definitely a lot of bang for the buck!


The format of the course sets you up to put the concepts into immediate action with the aforementioned homework. Each section is broken down into bite-sized nuggets of information that you can quickly and easily implement into practice. Unlike some of those quick-fix, magic business solutions this one goes with the tried-and-true approach of progress over perfection and just keeps doing little things to grow.

Additionally, Joni includes her fabulous Twitter workbook so you can track your progress and see what is working, or not working.

Area for improvement

If you have been around for a hot second you know I am picking about some quirky things. For this course, my biggest suggestion for improvement would be the videos. A couple of videos would benefit from being re-recorded since there is some background noise.

Who would benefit from this course?

As I joked about in the introduction, anyone that has ever felt like a foreigner in a strange land while trying to navigate Twitter would benefit from it. It is a great social media platform to build relationships on, which is one of the key pillars of attraction-based marketing. As the course discusses, you can use Twitter to build relationships as well as share your products and promotions.

What’s next?

Who else feels a bit lost on Twitter and might need a road map? Great, glad it isn't just me! Joni Kinney has given us the tools in her Twitter Training course! direct sales tips, social media tips, how to use twitter, twitter basics, #dowhatyoulove #twitter

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