Ready for a PicMonkey review? I would say the answer is yes since you are reading this or you just find my posts fun to read. Either way, I have you covered! I use PicMonkey almost daily for my business and life, I adore it. However, is it right for you? Read along to find out!

PicMonkey Review: They aren’t monkeying around

Are you new to having to create your own graphics? Then step right up! Filled with easy to modify and use templates for all the major and minor social media channels, PicMonkey lets you start off from day 1 creating visually appealing graphics. Once you get your feet wet with the templates you can start learning how to do many on your own. Also, they have a lot of great video tutorials to help you learn all of the tools. You’ll have amazing graphics in no time flat!

Already have some experience but don’t want to pay Adobe-level pricing? Then you’ll be at home in this tool, too. You have the ability to adjust many of the high-level attributes of the exposure, color, and sharpen tools.


The collaboration features are one of my features. If you have a team or group that you work with you can easily work within one folder. Personally, I find the shared function of Canva very cumbersome so PicMonkey‘s is a strength. Also, I love the Brand feature that allows you to have all your colors, fonts, and logos in one place, as well as pre-designed templates that you use over and over for your graphics.

Area for improvement

For the love of all that is holy and good or whatever quasi-swear word thing I need to say utter – – why can I not pick a default way to download my images?!?!?!?!? This has driven me nuts the entire time I have used PicMonkey. For me, the gripe comes from an efficiency standpoint. If there is a way and you know it, drop me a line – – PLEASE!

My other gripe is the inability to have a multipage document for an e-book or something similar. That would be my priority over my petty pet peeve about download type.

Last thoughts

Please be sure to read the Terms of Service to make sure you do not do anything that puts you astray in regard to fair copyright use. We don’t need you getting fined thousands of dollars because you made a digital boo-boo. This is good advice for any service you use to alter images.

What’s next?

I hope that you found my PicMonkey review useful for your business. Be on the lookout for more TBL Business Tool reviews. Trust me, I have tried a few shiny objects and want to help you find the right tools, not toys, for your business! Obviously, my bullet journal is my favorite. 😉

Have a tool you would like me to review? Drop me a line or comment below.

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