As I write this post it is a time of great uncertainty and turmoil in our communities and nation and world. Now is the time, more than ever before, to start thinking like a strategist and not a reactionary. Proactive analysis might seem challenging but it isn’t impossible. This quick read ebook has some great and grounded ideas to help you start to set the foundation for being a strategic thinker and not a doomsday reactionary. Ready to get shifted?

Thinking Like a Strategist || Windy Lawson


Part ebook, part workbook Windy’s Thinking Like a Strategist helps to break down the process of how we think and act with the foundational building block of defining the terms. So often authors assume the readers know the lingo and definition, but not here! Furthermore, this ebook is great no matter where you are in the microbusiness owner journey, there is great information for the neophyte to seasoned pro.

Layout and/or interesting features

The ebook’s layout makes it easier to read onscreen, which is always a plus in my world because I have issues processing information on the screen (I know, shocking given that I blog). The tables included in some of the section make the information easy to process and helps to clear up misconceptions about was thinking like a strategist really is and is not. And, psst… be on the lookout for a fun a little pop culture reference.

Biggest takeaway

Now, more than ever, we need to take a breathe and approach our problems in creative and thoughtful ways. The status quo and one-size-fits-all solutions are not the right fit. This ebook will help you with the foundation to make that shift.

Strategic thinking is for everyone. Embrace it and you just might change your life. ~Windy Lawson Share on X

Area for improvement

This is a pet peeve of mine for just about every ebook and workbook that I come across, the Millenial Taxpert has been the exception, printing it is a challenge due to the images and table shading. From a visual appeal and document design perspective, I appreciate the graphics. From a personal branding perspective, I appreciate the graphics. From a penny-pincher and home printer perspective, I despise all the colors. LOL

So, hey all ebook and workbook peeps, can we please have a home-printer friendly download option?

Would I read it again?

Totally! It is a great reference tool and a practice that needs to be repeated a few (dozen) times to make it a life-long habit.

What should I read next?

Joni seems to think I should consider Chasing the Bright Side, so I may give that a peek after reading her review.

You don't have to keep making knee-jerk reactions to everything you encounter in your business and personal life! Learn about thinking like a strategist! Ready? strategic thinking, strategic planning, proactive thinking, problem solving #dowhatyoulove

Back to the shelf!

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of Windy’s ebook, Thinking Like a Strategist. I’ll start sprinkling in a few more ebooks along the way, they are typically quick reads with easy to implement strategies and ideas.

If you have something that you would like me to review just drop me a line or comment below.

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