Ahhh… the never-ending pursuit of the perfect planner in a noisy planner world. There are so, so many to choose from these days. However, I had a sweet one fall into my hands recently, The Original Simply Planner. Do I love it enough to cheat on my #bujo? Let’s find out, shall we?

The Original Simply Planner

As its name implies, The Original Simply Planner is quite simple. That is a good thing, too! This downloadable planner was created after its designer was tired of not finding just the right one, almost a modern-day Goldilocks of planner hunting. But it isn’t too simple, there is some pizzazz at hand! It comes in multiple colorways and different font types to fit your style or brand.


Do you know what is not so simple about downloadable planners? Is figuring out how to print it out! Have no fear, Penny has made that a breeze with her “How to Print The Original Simply Planner” guide that comes with your files. Are you not planning on printing it? The guide also goes over how to use it in Goodnotes. It is compatible with OneNote and other programs, too.

Another nice feature is Sunday and Monday start spreads. As well as options for daily, weekly, and monthly pages, all without being too cumbersome or redundant. It is a simple, modular design that lets you pick and choose what you want to use to fit your personal needs.

Area for improvement

There isn’t too much I would change or recommend modifying. I would love to see the downloadable option being set-up as a fillable PDF, but that is just something minor. And if Goodnotes or XOXO is your jam then you don’t have to worry about that sort of thing.

Last thoughts

The Original Simply Planner is what it bills itself to be, which is refreshing in this day and age. If you are looking for a planner that doesn’t take a Ph.D. to figure out how to use but has just enough customization options, then look no further!

As for me, I’ll stick with my bullet journal. However, if Penny had come up with this before I began my love affair with all things #bujo this would have been my go-to-planner and not in my tossed pile of planners.

Finding the right planner is always a challenge, we all have those that have failed. How about one that might succeed? See if The Original Simply Planner is the right one!

What’s next?

With planners on my mind, I see some year-in-review and the 2021 Word of the Year coming up.

Reflection is a process that is important for us all when it comes to planning for the next year. What do you do to wrap up your year-end? Drop me a line or comment below to tell me your process.

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