… and write this dang blog post. Obviously, The 5 Second Rule, did not have the impact that it desired on my motivation to get things done. Mel Robbins discusses how it revolutionized her life. For me, not so much but for you, it could be the right fit. Ready to learn more about the #5secondrule and see if it’s a good fit for you? Read along.

The 5 Second Rule || Mel Robbins

The book is a quick and easy read. It is laid out with plenty of testimonials of real people, implementing the rule to revolutionizing their life, and getting themselves motivated to get things done and take care of business.

It is the work of learning how to love and trust yourself enough to stop waiting and to start leaning into all the magic, opportunity, and joy that your life, work, and relationships have to offer.

Mel Robbins

That quote makes it sound like we all have the power within ourselves to make the changes we want in our lives. Honestly, we just sometimes need to get out of our damn way, stop overthinking, and just intentionally do.

Honestly, we just sometimes need to get out of our damn way, stop overthinking, and just intentionally do. Share on X


I read the Kindle version, which said that it typically takes a reader just under three hours to read this book. I found this to be very true. In fact, I think I actually got it read in a little over two hours. It is easy to just skim along to pick up the key points.

There are also numerous shared social media posts telling Mel Robbins how the book and The 5 Second Rule changed their lives in such powerful ways. Which you can quickly scan and skip since she summarizes what they have said to her in the text.

Layout and/or interesting features

Each section opens with a motivational quote or thought that sets the tone for that chapter. The book is basically a giant pep talk with a dash of the psychology behind how the #5secondrule functions. Scan through the text and you can easily walk away with a can-do attitude.

Biggest takeaway

By now I think you are sensing that this book didn’t revolutionize my life but I fully understand why. There are some e tidbits in it though that can help you see why you self-sabotage and do not get things accomplished. If the 5 Second Rule changes your life, however, that is fantastic. I think it is a great book and a tool for some people.

Area for improvement

All of the social media testimonials didn’t need to be summarized or for that matter included. The book could have easily been a quick 60-90 minute read without them and just as effective.

Would I read it again?

No, I probably won’t read the book again. Read it once, embrace the #5secondrule, and live it. There isn’t a lot that I need to go back to research or review again. That being said, I did enjoy a lot of elements of The 5 Second Rule journal.

What should I read next?

My personal library is stuffed to the brim with my to-read-list books. I have decided to embrace Bullet Journaling, again, so I am currently reading Ryder Carrol’s The Bullet Journal Method. Additionally, Marie Forleo’s Everything Is Figureoutable is on its way to me to read for a book club in one of my professional learning communities.

The 5 Second Rule takes more than five seconds to read but does it launch you to get things done for yourself and your dreams? Check out my review to find out. motivation, mindset, gsd, get stuff done #5secondrule #dowhatyoulove https://www.thebusyllama.com/5SecondRuleJournal

Back to the shelf!

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No matter what inspires you to start living your dream and to do what you love, I hope you find the swift kick you need to start the journey. Also, I hope you continue to follow me along on my journey as well!

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