Shhh… watch out, I may have just applied for a Master’s program. I love to learn new things and have academic-type discussions. I am totally a lifelong learner. That might be a large part of why reviewing books, courses, and business tools is my #jam. A friend and I were talking recently about the concept that “if you stop learning you stop really growing.” I agree so much, I am a lifelong learner for that reason, among others. Are you a lifelong learner? Let’s find out!

5 Signs that you may be a lifelong learner

Here are five signs that you may be a lifelong learner, too. A little true, a little silly, but all very true for me. How about you? Hop over to the community page to add any more signs or be a part of the discussion.

#1 You aren’t satisfied with a yes or no answer

You want to learn the who, what, when, where, why behind everything. You ask engaging and thoughtful questions to learn the subtle nuances behind any subject matter. You’ll read one article or post and then fall down the rabbit hole to learn even more about the matter.

#2 You read ALL the labels

You are bored, you don’t have a book, an electronic device, a deck of cards, or anything handy to entertain yourself so you pick up the nearest object with a label and you read it just for something to do.

#3 You like to join groups of like-minded learners

Learning can be such a social process so we seek out other people that love learning, too. For example, I like learning about all things “blogging” so I am in a handful of blogging groups. We follow other learners and educators on social media or the news to keep up with the latest research on our favorite topics.

#4 You like to teach others

You may not be a traditional educator but you love to share what you have learned with others. Is this you? It is certainly me and a lot of my peers, we love taking what we have learned and helping others to learn new things as well. Also, if you would love to explore the opportunity of sharing your knowledge and getting paid then check out Learn More Together.

#5 You have subscribed to this blog

Yay! I am so happy that you want to “hang out” with me. #4 is SO me and that is one of the driving forces behind The Busy Llama because I want you to find what you love to do.

A friend and I were talking recently about the concept that "if you stop learning you stop really growing." What do you think? Click To Tweet

That’s a wrap!

Have you ever wondered if you are a lifelong learner? If you are wondering it, you probably are but check out these 5 signs to see for sure. lifetime learner, perpetual learner, learning for life #dowhatyoulove

Yep, some of these items might also mean you are a bit of an introvert, too, but that is super awesome as well. If you haven’t already done #5 be sure to subscribe!

What is the next thing on your “learn all the things” list? Drop me a line or comment with it, I would love to know!

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.

Albert Einstein

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