Social media comes in many forms. Everyone tells smalls business owners to get a Facebook group, Facebook Business Page, utilize Twitter, build on Instagram, create a blog, and the list just keeps going. All of those sites can be used as a business tool, but what is the most effective one?

Pinterest for Business

Utilizing Pinterest as a business tool will instantly help you find new customers, drive traffic, and communicate about your products. Most business owners want to do all of these things. Pinterest allows for that through a simple interface and pinning new content regularly. Develop a winning Pinterest marketing strategy and you will be golden.

Many business owners will use automation tools such as Tailwind or Planoly. I highly recommend anyone who wants to drive traffic to be super consistent and use one of these tools. Not only will it pin for you but it will give you extra analytics to analyze your data and help you build new content strategies.

Understanding Keywords

Pinterest is a large Search Engine and therefore it is optimized using keywords. Learning how to use keywords is really as easy as understanding what your clients would be searching for. By knowing what they are looking for you can gear your words and descriptions towards that.

Everyone Should be Using Pinterest as a Business Tool

Want some extra help building a great Pinterest Strategy?

Check out one of these courses/tools:

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