Yep, a bullet journal changed my life. Let me start off by saying I have never, ever used a planner for more than 45 days. Ever. So there was some sort of mind-shift that happened at the tail-end of 2019 and the start of 2020. I did a mastermind with Windy Lawson that got the ball rolling. Since January 1st, 2020, I have jotted something down in my #bujo each day. And for that, I am thankful! So, where am I midyear plus 45 days into 2020 with the goals I set?

Hell, yeah, a bullet journal changed my life!

However, I just didn’t pick it up and magic happened. I did some homework to start with by reading The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. Check out my review here, but spoiler alert – – LOVED it!

After reading the book I snagged an inexpensive dotted journal from the most depressing place on earth, Walmart. I figured I wouldn’t spend a lot of money since I had failed so many times at the whole planner/journal thing in the past. I set it up per the guide in the book, jotted down some goals based on the Mental Inventory exercise, pp. 37-41, and hit the ground running on my journey.

Goals, progress, and what went to the wayside

I am not going to share everything I wrote down. Love you all dearly but some things need to remain personal. However, I am slowly making progress on some of those things. Here are three items that made my list though in the “bullet journal changed my life” adventure:

  • 110 published blog posts
  • Improve my health through running and yoga
  • Camp during the summer

As you can see, those are not in a SMART format. Oops! Things started moving in a better direction around late February when I made all three fit into a SMART format.

110 published blog post

After I hit the publish button on this post – – which I must have since you are reading this one – – I stand at 89 published posts. This goal is achievable! I just googled it, there are 21 more Fridays (today is August 7th, 2020). Woot, woot! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to help keep track and cheer me on, please. <3

Improve my health through running and yoga

Okay, I have been kind of slacking on the yoga part of things but I have run. I have run a lot! Since March 1st I have run or hiked during camping trips every, single day. Rain, snow, heat – – I have run. So far, according to Runkeeper, I have run 334.9 miles this year.

Not too bad for a formerly unhealthy mama. Running has been a sanity-saving in this crazy year, that is for sure. If you count all the walking, running, hiking, and biking I have actually traversed almost 875 miles this year.

I also started tracking my first day of the month weight to keep myself accountable for the goal. So far I am down 48 pounds. I think that counts as improving my health! Going forward, I will continue to use my bullet journal to keep me honest and true to myself and the desire to keep in shape.

Camp during the summer

It seems like the global pandemic has made camping the hip thing to do, but I swear it was on my list before this awful global crisis. I promise! Boy, am I glad I had it on the list instead of traveling to five new states because that would not have happened.

Obviously, we have gotten our fair share of camping into the summer. We just wrapped up camping trip number six to Shakamak State Park in Jasonville, IN. I’ll share that adventure next week but in the meantime check out the rest of our summer adventures!

What went to the wayside?

One of my listed items was to end my LuLaRoe journey in December. I kind of accelerated that plan so the goal to do a monthly The Comfy Llama newsletter went out the window!

I would have never thought I would stick with a planner for more than a month or two. But my bullet journal changed my life and has helped me be accountable. self-improvement, #bujo, daily journal, life journey, journaling

What’s next?

Well, obviously, continuing to use my #bujo since I have declared that a “bullet journal changed my life,” a pretty lofty statement. I am going to keep working on the other goals I have not mentioned, do my grad school thing, help my child start her school year remotely since that whole global pandemic thing, and just keep on trucking along.

Oh, and blogging! 😉 I’ve got to hit that 110 posts goal!

Enough about me, p.s. thank you for reading this very me-centered post, I would love to hear what you are up to at this point in the year. Are you doing what you love and loving what you do? If not, how can I help? Drop me a line or comment below!

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