Ahhh.. the joys of owning your own business. You know, the fact that you run every, single, dang department in your organization. Right? Well, Windy Lawson is back with her latest endeavor to keep you from tripping over your shoestrings. Ready to find out if these are some fab business marketing tips to help you out? Let’s see!

Business marketing tips: CMO Style!

First off, what the heck is a CMO? Glad you asked! Chief Marketing Officer, you know that hat you put on when you need to tell everyone how amazing your product/service/process is without being Madame Spam-a-lot or Dull Debby. Windy Lawson knows what being a CMO is all about, promise. Okay, back to the book review, which btw is a super, duper quick read.

Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring Budget || Windy Lawson


Run a one-woman business? Perhaps you may need to give Windy Lawson's Marketing Your Microbusiness on a Shoestring Budget a peek? Does she have the business marketing tips you have been missing? Find out!

Ready to slip on the glass slipper to becoming a marketing princess, a la Cinderella, instead of the mice just being chased by the cat? Windy has your back! She breaks down a pretty complicated concept into easily understood pieces. As someone who had to take a few marketing courses in undergrad, I can tell you differentiating between sales functions and marketing functions can sometimes be hard to wrap your head around. Windy’s business marketing tips make it SO much easier!

Oh, and currently it is free. So you may want to hop to it and snag it before she comes to her senses and starts charging for it.

Layout and/or interesting features

By far the most interesting thing about Marketing Your Microbusiness on a Shoestring Budget is the laughs. Okay, I find all of it very interesting but I am all about learning, if you hadn’t noticed. Windy’s deliver is chock-full of amazing information with a BIG dash of humor. Like those Live. Laugh. Love. signs over people’s shabby chic decor, this book needs a Laugh. Learn. Launch your marketing knowledge to a new level sign to hang over your workspace! You have to snag it to find out what all had me laughing.

Biggest takeaway

The 10 promotional strategies discussion is a gold mine. It really opens up your eyes to the fact that there really aren’t six million ways to promote what you are selling. It takes away some of the overwhelm. Overall, this book makes marketing feel like something anyone can do and over time master! Like I said, this book is full of some great business marketing tips.

Area for improvement

I wouldn’t change a thing except for the price. 😉

Would I read it again?

Me? Probably not, but I also have a strong background in the field (not Windy-level but I knew the 4Ps before reading this…). However, I may have just told a fib. I will pick it back up again to re-read the “75+ Ideas of low-cost marketing tactics you can implement immediately” chapter.

What should I read next?

Well, I already know the answer to that one! I am in a book club, besides The Busy Llama Book Club, and we are reading Jen Sincero’s Badass Habits: Cultivate the Awareness, Boundaries, and Daily Upgrades You Need to Make Them Stick. Which I am really excited to compare to Jame Clear’s Atomic Habits, because I am all geeky like that and enjoy synthesizing information and making rich connection between texts.

Back to the shelf!

I hope you snagged a copy of Windy’s latest to get some easy to implement business marketing tips and take your business to another level. Be sure to swing back by the blog for some other book reviews soon!

Also, keep an eye out for some other tips, tools, and resources for your business and business website! Feel free to drop me a line or comment below with anything you would like reviewed!

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