Get ready to get your Instagram game-ready with this in-your-face-Jersey-girl course, and I mean all of that in a very, very good way. Elizabeth is ready and more than happy to help you in getting your business on Instagram. She absolutely wants you to do it “the right way.” If you are thinking ‘ummm… there is a wrong way?’ the answer is YEP! Ready to see if this course is a fit for you? Read along!

Getting Your Business on Instagram


The layout of Getting Your Business on Instagram is clear and concise. She tells you what the objectives are and the outcome you’ll have at the completion, a well-laid foundation for Instagram success for your business! She goes step-by-step through the process of setting up the account and provides helpful tips along the way to ensure success.


As I said above, helpful tips are included almost each step. These tips really help the user to understand the “why” behind the steps and the rationale for the best-practices that she suggests. That is a major strength for this learner and my inner-small-child that still asks “why?” all the time.

Area for improvement

After setting up my account I would have liked to learn a bit more about hashtag strategy but I am thinking since she ended with a “until next time” she might have something up her sleeve! Here’s to hoping so!

Who would benefit from this course

If your ideal client is hanging out on Instagram then you need to be there too. After reading about how much fabulous information the insights can give a business account holder then this course is a slam-dunk IMO. If you already have a business account set-up there are some helpful tips, too, but I think I would hold out for her next course offerings on Instagram.

Are you on IG for your business? If not, what's holding you back from getting your business on Instagram? If you aren't sure where to start then read on! #dowhatyoulove

What’s next?

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