Finding Topic Ideas for Blog Posts

Yay! You have a blog now! Great, now start creating content on it. Needs some help finding topic ideas for you to write about? Here is a list to get your creative juices flowing. My first piece of advice is to have a place to brainstorm all of your ideas. You can use a notebook or bullet journal if you are a “traditional” lister or try something like Trello to organize your thoughts. Ready? Let’s go!

10 Finding Topic Ideas for Blog Posts

Finding Topic Ideas for Blog Posts
  1. Look at your analytics. What of your existing content is generating traffic? Write articles that supports or expands on that topic.
  2. Admire and acquire. Do NOT literally copy your competitors content, however, use it for inspiration. Bonus idea – – read the comments on their blogs and review what keywords they rank for so you can create content to answer or address the comments.
  3. Talk about trending topics, the article could be short-lived, but could bring you long-term readers!
  4. Google words that you think would be keywords that visitors might use to find answers. Use the auto-complete feature to spark inspiration for content ideas.
  5. Answer questions about your products and services. Each question is a post. Every time somebody asks you a question, BOOM! new blog post!
  6. Discuss the problem your products or services solve.
  7. Talk about your why. What inspired your business?
  8. Enter keywords into Pinterest and see what potential topics come up.
  9. Do round-up posts of your exisiting content.
  10. Create list posts, quotes that might appeal to your ideal client or things like this post! 😉
Finding Topic Ideas for Blog Posts

Final thoughts on finding topic ideas for blog posts

Just start writing! Take these 10 ideas, your handing notebook or Trello board, and just start outlining your posts. It will get easier with time. You’ll spend less time finding topic ideas for blog posts and more time doing what you love! And if you find that you can create content like nobody’s business but struggle to optimize it for SEO, that is why I am here! I can help. Comment below or schedule a call and let’s talk SEO!

Finding Topic Ideas for Blog Posts

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