When you are just starting your business, figuring out which email marketing service providers are going to offer you the best bang for your buck is hard! Yes, you have to send emails – – no, you are not bothering people by doing it. Promise. Okay, back on task, let’s take a quick peek at some of the companies that can help you make sending emails easier.

Email Marketing Service Providers

I have a couple of great go-to-gals for all my email marketing service providers type questions and social media awesomeness. Katie and Joni. They are amazing. And if you haven’t already, I would love for you to join my email list – – I promise I send fun/interesting/quirky stuff that isn’t SPAM!

Some of the major providers, in no particular order, are:

  • AWeber
  • Mailerlite
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Flodesk
  • ConvertKit

So which one should you pick? Honestly, the one that best fits your needs and your budget. So, let’s explore some basic information about each one.


AWeber is Katie‘s #jam and if you like quick, easy, and beautiful templates it is a great tool. If you have under 500 subscribers on your email list they have a free plan. Over 500 subscribers the plans are reasonable but not the least expensive option. They have great customer service for those times you hit a roadblock, too.


Personally, I am a Mailerlite user. It fits my needs and I can easily tweak elements of my email by using the limited HTML I know to make it even more unique to me. They have a limited amount of templates for the free users but many elements to create your own. If you have under 1000 subscribers it is free and its prices are pretty reasonable after that level.


Overall, Mailchimp pretty much sucks. It has the same basic features as AWeber and Mailerlite with their functionality and landing pages. However, their customer service is AWOL and the emails wind up in SPAM and Gmail Promotion folders often. Katie shares my opinions, check out her comparison between AWeber v Mailchimp.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact typically markets themselves to brick and mortar companies in their advertising. Their pricing structure does not offer a free option, you can do a free trial but no matter if you have one or a few hundred. They also offer eCommerce and website services. Honestly, Constant Contact doesn’t give off a female small business owner’s vibe.


Flodesk sucks you in with all their pretty templates and low-cost no matter the number of subscribers. However, all that is pretty is not perfect. Joni shares her experiences with Flodesk in this brutally honest review. Run, don’t walk away from this option.


ConvertKit is a well-known provider and has a lot of diehard supporters. Under 1000 users and it is free above that mark it starts to get a bit pricey but not out of this world level. They offer many templates, tools, and tutorials for their services. Personally, I have seen many course providers utilizing ConvertKit for email marketing and social media influencers.

A word of caution

If you are in direct sales make sure you read the terms of service (TOS). Do it for any of these email marketing service providers or any other. Why? Because a lot of them do not support these small business owners. It is a good idea to read any providers’ TOS before you sign up for anything. Boring? Yes. Important? Extremely!

Every small business owner needs to use email. Period. Exclamation mark! But which one? Here is a round-up of email marketing service providers to get you started. AWeber, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Flodesk, ConvertKit

That’s a wrap!

Don’t want to worry about doing your email marketing? Or picking which email marketing service providers will rock your business? Check out Katie’s services. Need to know what to share in your emails? Both Joni and Katie have ideas for that, too.

Want to me to review another business tool to make your life easier? Just keep an eye out here! Drop me a line or comment below with what you need reviewed?

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