Thinking about launching a site for your business? Well, before starting let’s talk about the difference between websites and blogs! Like all thumbs are fingers but all fingers aren’t thumbs, all blogs are websites but all websites aren’t thumbs. Got it? Let’s talk about some about why you might just want to add a site to your marketing mix.

Difference between websites and blogs

Blogs, websites, toe-mah-toe, tah-ma-toe? Right? Nope! What is the difference between websites and blogs? Click here to find out!

First, let’s start off by saying your business needs a website. I am sure you are thinking “why?” Perhaps you are thinking I have a business page on Facebook, that works. Nope, Facebook owns that… I have a listing on Google My Business. Nope, Google owns that… See where I am going with this?

If you set up a self-hosted, Managed WordPress website it all belongs to you! This is powerful and important. Your website is your virtual storefront/business card/welcome to my world that you can share with people looking for businesses and service providers that fit their wants and needs.

Key elements of a website

The nuts and bolts of a website are a homepage, an about page, and a “what the heck you have to offer the world” kind of page. The sky is the limit on how to set them up and ways they can function. Basically, you need a way for people to find you and get in contact with you if they dig your vibe.

Also, setting up a process of collecting visitors’ information is important, too. Personally, I use MailerLite for my needs. Need to learn more about email service providers? Check out my post!

But what, there is more!

This is where the discussion of a blog comes into play. A blog is basically your own public relations juggernaut of just how awesome and knowledgeable you are about the industry your products or services serve for clients and customers.

When people say bloggers, often we get that image of Rachel Hollis or the Pioneer Woman in our mind and think recipes and life hacks. There is so much more than that type of thing! Think of your blog posts as your business’s FAQ section but instead of one little paragraph you are flexing your stuff and showing the world how dang smart you are about the topic.

So, the major difference between websites and blogs is a website is your “what you are” and the blog is the “what you know.” You can have a website without a blog but not a blog without a website. Just like your two thumbs are fingers but not all your fingers are thumbs!

Ready to get started?

Now that you know the difference between websites and blogs are you ready to set up your corner of the internet? Great! Need help setting up a website, with or without a blog? Learn more here or fill out the form below and I will be in touch!

Want to learn more about business websites? Just keep following along! Each month I’ll be sharing content to help you make your presence online authentically you and take away some of the fear factor of creating and maintaining your business website.

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