Have you ever fallen down the rabbit hole of Pinterest? Stop, don’t do it right now. Haha! Yep, it is so easy to do, right? Have you ever considered leveraging it for your business? Well, if you haven’t started then maybe Winning with Pinterest – Epic Strategies for Direct Sellers (2nd edition) is a great starting place for you.

Winning with Pinterest – Epic Strategies for Direct Sellers


This course will get you set up with a business account for Pinterest, establish some basic board strategy, and give you some ideas of what to start pinning. If you have been avoiding Pinterest like the plague it makes it a little less overwhelming. Additionally, if you haven’t been using it at all for business purposes, Winning with Pinterest – Epic Strategies for Direct Sellers will give you basics to get that process started.


If you have never set up a Pinterest account this course walks you through it step by step, especially for setting up an account for a business. The basic board strategies that are suggested are also useful if you haven’t set up cohesive boards previously.

Area for improvement

There are a couple of sections that are obsolete or do not really position your business in a unique way that will generate additional leads or more customers. Specifically, the section on commenting on others’ pins.

Who would benefit from the course

If you haven’t been utilizing Pinterest for yourself or your business at all then this is a decent option to start. If you already have a business account and have a board strategy then take a pass on this one and explore Advanced Pinterest Strategies. Also, if you are considering using Tailwind you may be ready for Tailwind for Pinterest Secrets Revealed.

Course Review Winning with Pinterest – Epic Strategies for Direct Sellers

What’s Next?

Be on the lookout for my reviews of the other two Pinterest courses I recommended above. Additionally, be sure to remember that in order to utilize Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business you also need to have some Pins! Not sure where to start? I use PicMonkey to make mine. They have some great templates to get you started.

Check out my tips on personal branding, too, to help you get started, as well.

Also, if you aren’t doing what you love and loving what you are doing in your life be sure to follow along with the Do What You Love series!

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