Have you ever thought you knew what you were getting into but then the outcome wasn’t what you expected? That would sum up the #Bradley511 Workshop courses. Normally, that type of thing is a bad thing but in this case, it is SO amazingly good. Michele M. Bradley jams an abundant amount of information into her courses that you can immediately implement.

Have you ever thought you knew what you were getting into but then the outcome wasn't what you expected? Learn about when this is a good thing! Share on X

The #Bradley511 Workshop


These courses are designed to take one core concept or business practice and break it down into easy to digest tidbits. You can then take that knowledge and implement it into new or improved best practices for your business. Michele, or Bradley to most that know her, gives you a bit more than you bargain for in those tidbits.

So far, the course topics have covered Facebook Covers and effective Calls to Action. Bradley consistently seeks the input of her clients to find out which topics they need and want covered by the courses.

Each course is set up as a Facebook group with Learning Units. The units are broken down into tasks with a daily live from Bradley and tasks to implement related to the live.


Each #Bradley511 Workshop is packed with so much amazing information that has been broken down into easy to digest and immediately implement items. Once you implement the lesson, the feedback that Bradley gives, as well as the other participants, is fantastic.

The course is also scalable to your level of experience, so those that are new to the topic are gaining a ton of information but the more experienced are also gaining knowledge. That is something that is not always found in a course that has people of various skill sets and background knowledge.

Area for improvement

One of the biggest drawbacks is that it is all on Facebook, which can be challenging since the platform has been experiencing growing pains for about two years now. The #Bradley511 Workshop listings are on Podia, a separate platform. Hopefully, at some point, the platform has the capacity for a community experience that fits the way Bradley teaches!

Who would benefit from the course

As I previously stated, both the newbie and those seasoned professionals can benefit from this course. Do I suggest taking them all? No, but at the current pricing, it would not break the bank. I would recommend that you look back at your SWOT analysis and opt for the #Bradley511 Workshop that aligns the best with an area you need to improve upon.

The #Bradley511 Workshop

What’s next?

Be on the lookout for our next book review, Get the Duck Out of My Pond by Sandy Brantley. As well as, our #summeradventures, since it cannot be all work!

Also, if you aren’t doing what you love and loving what you are doing in your life be sure to follow along with the Do What You Love series!

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  1. I took the Facebook covers course and it was awesome. If only the design gods of the world could bestow upon me some sense of design. The course was awesome, I just really struggle with knowing what goes together. Those who have seen me dressed probably would agree. I do love that her courses are to the point, she’s there to answer questions and provide support, not one of those instructors that sells you a course and then you never hear from them again. Looking foreward to more. Great review!

    1. Yes! She is an awesome instructor that really believes in leaving no man behind in the course as well. I am glad that you enjoyed her course, and my review. 🙂

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