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Want to get off the roller coaster ride that is finding new customers and clients? Then I suggest giving Funnels on Fire your immediate attention. Joni Kinney, of Inspire@KinneyChaos, is back with a new course to help you with your business processes and building your customer base.

Funnels on Fire


This course is designed to help you solve the problems of your ideal client and target market. Joni, as always, gives you a clear, concise, and straightforward approach to your business processes, this time focusing on designing an opt-in to appeal to the people want on your email list.

With workbooks, videos, and examples provided, Funnels on Fire is a well-rounded course that packs a punch without leaving your dizzy and confused. You will walk away with so many ideas to grow your email list.


I’m going to repeat myself – clear, concise, and straightforward! The examples that are included that making the confusing ideas related to opt-ins and lead magnets clear.

The Funnels on Fire course really drills down the idea of simple can be better, your lead magnet does not have to be complex. We all have something that we are very strong at in our business, as Joni reminds us, and use that “superpower” to your advantage.

Another strength is a value-added bonus, this isn’t just a course on how to build your funnels – – she teaches you how to set-up automation sequences in two different email platforms! #Score

Area for improvement

The course would benefit from a “how-to-video” for creating an example lead magnet worksheet in Canva. That being said, there are some other resources out there so for the price-point I might be a smidge picky.

Who would benefit from this course

I could say something really similar but I am going to go straight to the authority on the course:

This training is for anyone who needs to create an opt-in, struggles with technology, or needs help automating their email marketing.

Joni Kinney

What’s Next?

What is a business task that you struggle with? Let me know in the comments or drop me a line, and I will find a course to take and review for your needs!

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