Embracing your own superpower takes a flicker. That flicker of light that makes you passionate about whatever you know deep down you need to accomplish. Chasing the Bright Side helps you to realize you too can find your superpower. Embrace the flicker and keep reading to find out more about this book!

Chasing The Bright Side | Jess Ekstrom


Jess Ekstrom‘s book is an easy read and I found it to be encouraging and yet not so super sickly sweet that I couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s not a full out a business plan like Everything is Figureoutable was. There are plenty of those books out there if you are looking for the hoo-rah rah books of eternal positivity or the action plans you need to put a business plan in motion. This is not either of those books. Jess fully embraces the fact that icky things happen, but it’s what you do with those opportunities that really sets you apart from others.

Believe in Better. Empowering you to be the change maker you were meant to be.

Jess Ekstrom

Layout and/or interesting features

I loved that every chapter starts with a quote about positivity. It sets the tone and the mood for the chapter you are about to start. Every chapter ends with Take it or Leave it questions that make you think and reflect on the chapter you just read. These sections are all summarized at the back of the book so you can go through them all at once if you want or need to revisit them in the future.

Biggest takeaway

The greatest thing I learned from this book is that you can’t give up on yourself. You may not know how you will accomplish your dreams, that doesn’t mean you should squander them. Find something, anything that you can do today to get you even a minuscule step closer to the possibility of achieving your goal.

Every large dream starts with taking that first step, believing in yourself, and embracing optimism. If you aren’t writing your own story, then you are letting someone else write it. Start the dream, take the first step.

Area for improvement

I am not really sure I have an area I think really needs improvement. For me, it really would have been reading it with other people so we could talk about it as we read it. Maybe I can talk Johanna into making this a book for her book club in the future just so I can read it again… Then you can get in on the action too!

Would I read it again?

Yes!!!! I can’t really repeat that enough… YES, Chasing the Bright Side was as eye-opening as it was simplistic. I loved the use of personal examples that made you realize everything in life isn’t always peachy. However, it’s how you react to those moments that will truly define you. Go out and find your flicker of hope, embrace your amazing, and spread love and kindness to the world.

What should I read next?

There are so many good options out there. I have a couple of choices like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck or Damn Good Advice for People with Talent. Which of these do you think I should tackle next? Or maybe, I’ll just find something else completely different… Stay tuned to find out where my reading library takes me next.

Chasing the Bright Side helps you to realize you too can find your superpower. Embrace the flicker and keep reading to find out more about this book! #dowhatyoulove

Back to the shelf!

I hope I have inspired you to pick up a copy of Chasing the Bright Side! I would love to hear your feedback and continue the discussion on over on my Facebook Business Page. If you are looking for help with your business, creating a positive safe space, or just want to learn how you can grow and develop new skills come and find me over on my blog Inspire.KinneyChaos.com.

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