Creating a business plan for a small business sounds overwhelming, confusing, and just like a lot of work, right? Well, what if I told you it was essential to your success and would put you in control of your business from day 1? Sounds like a pretty important tool to me. What if I told you I knew about this amazing course that made the hard work much easier to understand and accomplish with a dash of humor and snark? Sounds great, am I right or what? Well, I present to you, Windy Lawson’s Creating a Killer Business Plan course. Take it, trust me. Need more convincing? Read on!

Creating a Killer Business Plan for small business


Windy makes the overwhelming seem less overwhelming in creating a business plan for small business, regardless of your area of expertise. Any and every nook and cranny you need to analyze related to your new business is covered in the course.


Windy’s knowledge and expertise in the field is the course’s biggest strength. Between the workbooks, the video lessons, and the downloadable spreadsheets every I is dotted and T is crossed. You still have to do the hard labor and implement it all but you can feel Windy cheering you on the whole time!

Area for improvement

In the lesson related to analyzing the broader industry I got a smidgen lost between the video and the workbook. It is possible I was being a poor student at that point in time but I was in the weeds for a few minutes. The rest of my issues are more just my idiosyncrasies than the course.

Who would benefit from this course

Everyone! Okay, not everyone. If you aren’t considering doing what you love and loving what you do for your career then side-step this course. If you want to set up your small business for success before you launch then please take it. You NEED a business plan for small business to help ensure your success and hit the ground running.

Already have a small business that you love? I would still success this course is worth your time. There are many elements that will help you refine your business and really get the I’s dotted and T’s crossed that will help you achieve even more than you dreamed.

Starting a new business can be overwhelming but it doesn't have to be uncharted territory! Take Creating a Killer Business Plan for small business to get a map! business plan, entrepreneurship guide, launch a business

What’s next?

Well, I guess I should launch the business that I planned while taking Creating a Killer Business Plan for small business course. Right? So be on the look out for that new venture.

Be on the look out for our next installment of the DWYL series and if you haven’t already be sure to check out Katie’s interview!

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