I have said it once, and I am sure I will say it again, you need to have a personal brand. Why do I need to build your digital brand, Johanna? I am glad you asked! Today you may be a representative of Thrity-One but tomorrow you may have found that your sweet spot is organizational services for busy moms and aunts. Your Thirty-One stock images aren’t going to carry over into the new services you offer. You need to build your digital brand!

Build Your Digital Brand


This is a very thorough and user-friendly introduction to branding your business from top to bottom so you are ready to rock your business! If you have an inkling of what you want to do and who you want to serve this will really get you up and running easily. Caroline Zook covers it all without it being overwhelming. She meets her client where they are and makes the assumption that the learner doesn’t have much (or any) prior knowledge.

I even picked up a couple of new ideas and I have been working for myself for four years. As well as, having a background in digital design, marketing, and previous coursework on these topics!


I love it when a course creator clearly lays out what the course is about and how it will transform you, Caroline Zook does an amazing job of it. The course is engaging, informative, and makes it all pretty easy to understand and implement.

As I have previously mentioned, I like to print my workbooks but everyone always seems to use a lot of ink-sucking colors. Though the workbook is very colorful it is also a fillable PDF! Woot, woot!

Area for improvement

There is some awesome information in this course and she breaks it down into eight sections. However, it is all one hour plus video! So if you are just to take the information in chunks and break it down to do the tasks in the workbook it is a bit challenging. I would suggest making a note in your workbook the time in the video that you last stopped so you know where to start again.

As a blogger and someone that has set up a few sites, I strongly disagree with her recommendation to use GoDaddy. I am diehard Siteground gal. I have had some very miserable experiences with GoDaddy customer service. Siteground customer service is amazing!!

Who would benefit from this course?

Anyone that is just getting started with their business or is even just thinking about starting a business would benefit from this course. Furthermore, anyone that has started a direct sales, MLM, or any type of business like that kind who is ready to stop utilizing just the company graphics and really flourish on their own. Like I said earlier, you own your business and you need to build your own digital brand!

Y'all! Brand yourself and ditch the stock and generic! Refine and define your brand. Ready to learn how to build your digital brand with this course review. personal branding, business branding, social media #dowhatyoulove

What’s next?

If you are ready to make the leap that Caroline talked about in the website section, the 7-Days to Launch course review has the 411 on how to do it all!

As for what I am going to post about next, I have just scored access to a lot of amazing courses. Well, I hope they are amazing since I am going to be taking them all to review. So plenty of book reviews and course reviews are on tap.

My next book review is going under the Mama category though because I will be letting you know my thoughts on We’re All a Mess, It’s OK by Amy Lyle since we wrapped up the first book club meeting!

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