If you have ever wondered why you kind of stink at setting those BIG goals and actually achieving them then James Clear has the science and clear reasons why bundled up in a quick read of a book. There are plenty of Atomic Habits review posts on the internet, trust me and for that, I am thankful you stumbled about mine! But are they all done by people that were implementing the Atomic Habits and not even realize it? I bet not! So, between James Clear, my personal love of all things #bujo, a dash of Marie Forleo, and some good ol’ fashion SMART goals, you may just become that person you always wanted to be! As someone who inadvertently doing the process, I can tell you it works.

Atomic Habits || James Clear


James Clear makes his stance clear as well as provides solid footnotes and sources for the behavioral science behind his process, thus making my Atomic Habits review a pleasure to present. Additionally, he provides wit and humor to what some may consider a dry subject (or maybe a topic they might want to avoid). We all have bad habits but this book doesn’t leave you feeling like a bad person for having them. Furthermore, he gives some easily implementable strategies to create and maintain good habits and to break old ones that are not benefiting you!

Layout and/or interesting features

Chapter summaries are my jam! I think that all courses, online and in-person, should wrap up the key points you should have learned and the same is true for books as well. Especially books that are talking about the science and psychology behind making changes in ourselves and our lives. The Atomic Habits review at the end of each chapter hits the key points. They are great since it makes it easy to page through for quick reinforcement of the strategy. Also, the use of diagrams really helps to highlight the process to make the incremental changes.

Additionally, he provides examples throughout the text that have corresponding tools on his website. He provides his readers with the facts and the tools to make the changes if you do the work. Nothing that changes who we are as individuals is a quick fix!

Biggest takeaway

If you have been around for a little bit you may have noticed I am a little bit obsessed with my bullet journal. I think that James Clear’s Atomic Habits and Ryder Carroll’s The Bullet Journal Method go together like peas & carrots, peanut butter & jelly, and all those other classic combinations. Both talk a lot about personal accountability and recording an accurate history of our daily actions so we can reflect on the improvements and changes we make in our lives.

Furthermore, adding in a dash of Marie Forleo’s Everything is Figureoutable and the basic tenets of creating SMART goals will help just about anyone figure out what they want to do in life, personally and/or professionally, and how to achieve it.

Remember, change isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. You need to have the right tools in your toolbox as well as the round foundation set in your mind.

Area for improvement

Honestly, my only gripe with this book is a bit unique. As someone that has struggled with mental health issues, there is one sentence that struck me as a bit tone-deaf, “sad about life? …” insert cue to feel happy (p. 133). It left me feeling like it he thought I could easily solve a depressive episode with the implementation of a good habit. I know that I am reading a little to deeply into but that part just didn’t quite sit well. However, I do think there are some sound strategies in the book to help with creating healthier coping mechanisms when you are just a bit blue.

Would I read it again?

Yes. I think that it is the type of book that you can use a tool to help you continually refine yourself and keep you on track. In Atomic Habits review and reflection is something James Clear encourages so it would make sense to use the book for reflection of the habits I am building upon in my personal and professional life.

What should I read next?

Hmm… I think it’ll be one of the books on my desk or the next book for The Busy Llama book club! What are you reading? Comment below or drop me a line to tell me.

Back to the shelf!

I hope you have enjoyed my Atomic Habits review and check out my other book reviews as well! I love to read and I love sharing my opinions on some great (and not so great books) with you.

If you have anything that you think I need to read, comment below or drop me a line. If you want to talk books hop over to the book club group! Need a little dash of positivity or gratitude in your life? Then join the conversation in The Inspiring Llama.

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