Yay! You have taken the plunge and are creating a website for your business. Well, I am working under that assumption at least since you are reading this post. The About Me page is the most essential one, after the home page, for your site. This is the page that allows potential customers to learn a bit before taking the plunge and buying your products or services.

The About Me Page In 3 Easy Steps

The About Me Page

Your website’s About Me page is a valuable tool in cultivating and growing your business. However, it can seem intimidating with saying it is a “valuable tool,” it puts a lot of pressure on doing it just “right.” Have no fear, I have got you covered. Think about it as the place where you develop that “know, like, and trust” relationship that makes people turn to your business!

The “Know” part of your page

People are social and curious by nature, they would like to learn more about someone before even considering doing business with them. This is where the About Me page can serve you well. Share some of the details about what makes you YOU! What are your interests and passions, what makes you a bit different than the next person? This affords your potential client to make a connection to you. Which can lead to the next element.

The “Like” part of your page

The About Me Page In 3 Easy Steps

We like to do business with people we like, either shared interests or you find their interests intriguing. Maybe you both have a love for llamas (you are my people, and I am yours…), this can create a connection. When you have a connection with someone it makes them more memorable and you are more likely to get engagement with that connection.

The “Trust” part of your page

Trust is an important element. This is where you need to share why you can fill their needs. This is where you share your bona fides. Why am I hiring you to provide me with [insert your business’s service/product] instead of the competition? Do you offer llama grooming services? Fab! How many years have you been doing it? Did you obtain some specialized training that makes you the best damn llama groomer ever? Share it!

The About Me Page In 3 Easy Steps

You don’t have to be arrogant, but you do you need to be confident. Why is this your mission in life to provide this product or service? Sell yourself!

Easy peasy!

Now that you have an amazing, authentic About Me page you can tackle everything else. Another necessary, but not so glamourous page your site needs is a disclaimers page. We have got you covered, give the Legal Website Disclaimers post! Not sure if you have everything you need on your site for success? We offer website auditing services! Comment below or contact us to learn more!

The About Me Page In 3 Easy Steps

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