So you have made the leap and you are a small business owner, congratulations! It doesn’t matter if it is a Direct Sales, Etsy shop, an MLM venture, or some other form of small business – – you need some tools and courses to help your small business succeed! Plus some of these courses will help to set you apart from every other person in your industry. Ready to learn? Also, drop me a line if you want to chat more about all of these courses or other resources I know to help you succeed. 

5 Courses to Help You with Your Small Business

Sassy Suite Attraction Marketing video course

Resource One: Attraction Marketing

Have you ever muted a “friend” on Facebook that just posted all the dang time about their business, the business opportunity, or all the amazing things that their business offers? That is NOT attraction marketing. 

Attraction marketing involves keeping your warm market warm, you know your friends still liking you and stuff while building relationships with new people. As many people say, we do business with those that we know, like, and trust. This resource helps you build the foundation of an attraction marketing base. 

Sassy Suite Brand Yo'Self with Suite Graphics video course

Resource Two: Brand Yo’self with Suite Graphics

Stand out in the crowd, have a consistent voice, and never spend five hours trying to match the vibe of one graphic to another!

Personal branding is essential, it is that thing that makes people remember you and helps you stand out in a crowd. This resource will help you build the nuts and bolts basics of your personally branded graphics. Stop using other people’s stuff and make your own! 

Sassy Suite Understanding Funnel Strategy video course

Resource Three: Understanding Funnel Strategy 

Y’all, I am not talking about college antics or the cake. I am talking about funneling people to you for the purpose of doing business with them! I mean, there is nothing wrong with having some fun and eating cake. But in order to pay for that, we need to funnel some new customers our way!

This resource will give you a sound foundation in understanding what funnels are and how to get yours working so that people build a relationship with you and choose to do business with your regularly. 

Sassy Suite Pinterest video course

Resource Four: Winning with Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest is not just a rabbit hole to get yourself lost in full of yummy recipes and crafts you’ll never make? Nope, it is an amazing tool for your business! 

In this course you’ll learn how to utilize it to get people to you and how you may have been sending them to others without even realizing it. Oops! So now you’ll have the perfect excuse to hop down the rabbit hole of Pinterest

Sassy Suite Fortune in the Follow up video course

Resource Five: Fortune is in the Follow-up

Now that you have gone to all that work to: keep your friends your friends and make new customers, brand yourself, find some new customers, and utilized Pinterest as one of those funneling tools it is time to keep them coming back! Fortune is in the follow-up is the key!

If I had a dime for every time I had someone say to me “nobody has ever followed up with me before” I would have even more money that the money I have earned from those follow-ups. Seriously, y’all, it is important to do it, don’t be afraid to do it.

5 Courses to Help Your Small Business

Cha-ching! Let’s do this!

I hope that you have found this overview of resources as useful as me. And I hope you have found something that will have you saying “cha-ching” while walking your profits to the bank!

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