Have you ever noticed all the cool printables on Pinterest and thought I wish I could do that? Well, you can! I have four ways you can use PowerPoint to create printables. It is easy peasy, I promise. Let’s go!

4 ways to use PowerPoint to create printables


Shhh... want to know a secret? Using PowerPoint to create printables is SO easy! Here are four ideas to help you brainstorm getting started!

It is so easy to create a calendar in PowerPoint. You can use them to create content calendars like Joni from Inspire Kinney Chaos. You could use calendars for promotion schedules for your services. You can create holiday guides, process and shipping guidance, or whatever you could imagine. The sky is the limit of how you can utilize this PowerPoint printable idea!

To-do-lists and planning guides

While wandering around Pinterest, have you ever seen all of those fabulous holiday to-do-lists and planning guides for those dream vacations? You can use PowerPoint to create printables like that, too! Think about what types of resources your ideal client needs for personal and professional needs and start making them.

Business forms, signs, and handouts

You can use the design tools and templates in PowerPoint to create the forms and signs that your business needs for both physical and online environments. Doing a presentation in-person or online? You can easily export your slides to share with your audience!


If you have read any of my course reviews, you know I love workbooks! They are such a valuable resource for the person taking the course. Workbooks can be a stand-alone printable idea, too. Or you can be like my dear friend Elizabeth and use them for her homeschool kiddos for daily writing prompts and other schooling purposes. Such an amazing resource for business, learning, and more by using PowerPoint to create printables for workbooks!

Important tip!

No matter which way you use PowerPoint to create printables, be sure to save it as a PDF. Bonus tip: make sure you watermark it with your website URL or branding logo!

What’s next?

Be on the lookout for my next post with a step-by-step guide on how to make these printables. In the meantime, check out my Pinterest account to inspire some more ideas!

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