Email is still a necessary component of any business, small or large. That is why it is essential to have a list to send those emails to! Need more reasons why you need an email list? Read on!

Reasons why you need an email list, like STAT!

Social Media Snafus

4 Reasons Why You Need An Email List

Who hasn’t tried to log on to Facebook, IG, or another social media platform and discovered that things are not going smoothly? I know it isn’t just me. When that happens, how would you reach those customers if you do not have an email list? This is one of the big reasons to have an email list. Also, unless you are a social media mogul, you don’t actually “own” your followers on social media.

Furthermore, many people are starting to take social media breaks more frequently. So you will not be reaching them without their email address.

Warm Market

Speaking of email addresses, you have those from past and potential future customers because they gave them to you! That means they have an interest in your business’s goods and services. It is always nice to remind them that your business exists and the services you offer. However, that doesn’t mean every email needs to sell, sell, sell! Mix in some content that provides value and shares personality. Our friend at Bela Blue Solutions has some great tips for engaging content.

4 Reasons Why You Need An Email List

Email is Not Dead

Email is one of the most direct ways to engage with your warm market and keep your services or products on their radar when they are ready to purchase. If you google is “email marketing dead,” you’ll quickly find out that it is not. It is still one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get your business on the minds of your current and potential customers.

Email strengthens relationships

4 Reasons Why You Need An Email List

We have mentioned it already, but it deserves to be repeated. People gave you their email addresses, they want to hear from you! Running a business cannot be done in isolation; you need to make personal connections with your current and potential customers so that when they are ready to make a purchase, they think to come to you and not your competition. Sending the occasional (and fairly consistent) email to your list will help.

Four reasons why, and one suggestion how!

So, you have four good reasons why you need an email list now the question is how to start capturing those emails. Email services such as AWeber, Mailchimp, or MailerLite (our preference) offer the option to create embeddable sign-up forms for your email list. Easy peasy!

Well, easy peasy for us. Need help setting up an embedded email form or other web services? Give us a shout, and we are happy to help out! hehe, see what we did there… 😉


4 Reasons Why You Need An Email List

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